The Coalition of Rainbow Alliances (CORAL) - Springfield GLBTQI Organization
Equality Illinois - Advocating for GLBTQI rights in Illinois
GLSEN - committed to safe schools - programs, resources, events, etc.
Human Rights Campaign (HRC) - Advocate for GLBTQI right nationwide
LGBT/Queer Studies and Serivces Institute at ISU
PFLAG - Parents and Friends of GLBTQI Community
The Phoenix Center - GLBTQI Community Resources in Springfield, IL
PRIDE at Richland Community College - GLBTQI Student Group


The Advocate - National GLBTQI Publication
The Eagle - Midwest's Largest GLBTQI News Source
Martha Living - Lesbian Columnist & Author
The Vital Voice - GLBTQI Life & Style, St. Louis
The Windy City Times - Chicago GLBTQI Publication


Central Illinois Pride Health Center - Medical services for the GLBTQI community
Planned Parenthood - Transgender Hormone Replace Services


Billy's House - Transitional housing for those with HIV/AIDS


Amasong - Champaign-Urbana Lesbian/Feminsit Chorus
The Capital City Men's Chorus - Men's Chorus Group


GayChristian 101 - Resource fo GLBTQI Christians

Soul Force - A Christian advocacy group founded by Rev. Mel White

Unitarian Universalist Association - A denomination in the liberal religious tradition


ACLU - GLBTQI Rights  - legal resources, information, programs, etc.

LAMBDA Legal - leagal resources for the GLBTQI community

Transgender Legal Defense & Educational Fund  TLDEF) - Trans legal resources


Acorn Equality Fund - Educational Resources